Expat Global Medical wants to assist you in answering ALL questions and concerns. We have put together this section to address the most commonly asked questions and concerns. What sets us apart from the others is that you can e-mail our director and he will respond personally. Please e-mail John McGee at his personal e-mail john@expatglobalmedical.com you will get an answer from the TOP.

Q. How does Expat Global Medical serve expatriates?

A. We have been in the global insurance business for expatriates since 1992, and our familiarity with changing trends of medical, life, disability and kidnapping insurances greatly benefits our clients. We continually research the highest quality global products and benefits offered to expats at the most reasonable prices. We also pride ourselves on providing the finest customer service available — we don’t sell you and leave you.

Expat Global Medical offers the fastest Immediate Quote engines and the convenience of completing the application, paying and (on some policies) actually printing the policy in the time it would take you to brush your teeth.
Our Expatriate Tips & Tools, area provides those living, working or traveling international access to amazing and helpful information. Try it out!

  • FREE Immediate Quotes, Online Applications and Payment
  • FREE Monthly “Expatriate Life” Newsletter
  • FREE Live Consultation with our Professional Insurance Specialists (send us your questions)
  • Expat Global Medical offers YOU – our clients – access to the FINEST Customer Service and Highest Quality Global Insurance programs in the world…. PERIOD!

Q. What insurance products do you offer expats?

A. We offer the following programs:

  • Global Medical Insurance for Individuals & Corporations
  • Temporary Travel and Trip Interruption Coverage
  • Life Insurance for Individuals and Corporations
  • Disability Coverage

Q. What companies do you represent?

A. We ONLY represent A (Excellent) rated companies and higher, including:

Q. How do I pay for an expatriate insurance policy?


A. ALL transactions for expatriate insurance coverage are done directly with the insurance company. Expat Global Medical works with the underwriters only in servicing the policy.

Q. Would I save money from the quote online if I went directly to the insurance company?

A. NO. You would pay identical premiums as quoted online or from our professional insurance specialists. The main benefit is you have a LIVE person at your disposal and a confidant when action is needed in cases of dealing with outstanding claims, assisting in Pre-certification, requesting an Air-Evacuation due to serious injury or illness. Having a personal agent that is there for you 24/7 SAVES LIVES — just look at our testimonials.

Q. How Secure is my personal, medical and financial information?

A. All information is encrypted in transit to and from the insurance companies. Information is never sold for solicitation purposes. Always Look for “https” in the URL of the forms your are completing; this assures that you are working in a secure mode.

Q. Other Useful resources for Expats traveling Abroad?

A. Yes, we do provide useful information for those traveling abroad. Below are some useful LINKS for those Globetrotters!

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