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Premier Health
The Future can be uncertain, especially when you cannot work due to an accident or sickness. Our solution is Premier Disability. Premier disability is disability coverage for accident and sickness that is offered to global citizens on an individual and group basis providing a lump sum in the event of an accident or sickness. Unlike other products in the market, Premier is a true disability coverage policy that covers until age 65 without annual medical information reviews and with level premiums for the life of the contract.

Other key features are:

  • Lump sum payment after 12 months of total and permanent disability
  • Optional Temporary Disability benefit will pay up to 70% of your monthly salary during first 12 month waiting period.
  • Rates are guaranteed 5 years, 10 years, and up to Age 65.
  • No medicals required up to a sum of $500,000

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