Evacuation Insurance

A medical emergency may strike anytime. Getting evacuation insurance is extremely necessary especially when you are travelling outside the home country, to a remote destination or a region not very familiar to you. Our medical evacuation insurance provides coverage for costs of shifting you to a place where you can receive appropriate medical treatment. It includes medical coverage & road/air evacuation facilities in a medically equipped emergency vehicle to the nearest appropriate medical facility or even back to home country, if the situation demands.

Every year, millions of people travel without having adequate medical evacuation coverage. While a travel medical insurance provides coverage only for acquired medical facilities, it won’t include shifting you to the nearby appropriate medical facility. In worst situation, you might even need a fully equipped air evacuation insurance facility. Secure your travel with an international medical evacuation insurance whether you are heading for a short holiday trip or a year-long business trip outside the home country.





Premier Emergency Travel Membership Services
We pick up where traditional travel insurance plans leave off. SkyMed International, Inc., the flagship of the SkyMed Group of Companies, has been serving the traveling public since 1989. A membership company specializing in 18 emergency travel services, we have organized air evacuations literally all over the world under almost every kind of circumstance. If a member sustains a critical illness or injury while traveling in one of the 32 countries that make up the SkyMed TAKES YOU HOME Service Area, they will be repatriated back to their home hospital of choice.

SkyMed Canada, Inc., provides membership plans tailored to the Canadian traveler, which can be purchased online in Canadian dollars.




Medjet Assist

Medical Emergencies Don’t Take a Vacation

A medical emergency can happen anywhere. We can get you home. As a Classic Medjet member, if you are hospitalized 150 miles or more from home and meet medical transport criteria, MedjetAssist will arrange air medical transfer to the hospital of your choice in your home country, from virtually anywhere in the world. All you ever pay is your membership fee.
A Classic Medjet membership is your affordable, reliable peace of mind when you venture away from home, whether you’re in San Diego or Santiago.