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Since 1992 our companies have been insuring people all over the globe.

Affordable, comprehensive health and medical insurance coverage for expatriates is just a click away. Get a free, no-obligation quote in seconds.

If you are planning to live abroad, outside your country of normal residence, your government or regular health insurance plan will not cover you. The Expatriate health insurance plan is designed for Expatriates who are no longer covered under a basic health insurance plan, or individuals who are awaiting other insurance coverage in the country in which they intend to reside. These expatriate health insurance programs are designed to offer Freedom of Choice of any doctor or hospital in the world, covering you and your family anywhere in the world! The expatriate health insurance plans protects you and your family in the event of an accident or illness, up to the limits of the policy. Air Evacuation/Air Ambulance is included in all of our plans! Return trips to your original country residence are generally covered, however; you must read the policy to confirm coverage, since an option for No-USA or Canadian coverage is available.

We represent many quality companies, however; over the years we have honed down the companies that provide the best Flexibility, Freedom of choice, Claims paying execution, Communication with facilities on behalf of the clients as well as the Most affordable rates or what we like to say, “Getting the Best Service and Benefits for The Money”.

Also remember, many people have different situations and needs, for this reason we have several companies in our portfolio to offer. If you want an FREE IMMEDIATE Ballpark Quote based upon your age and the benefits you choose… Please Click BELOW!

NOTE: Before submitting an online application for Major Medical, ALWAYS email us first to make sure any medications, medical conditions or preexisting conditions do not hinder the issuance of your policy. Please email us at wecare@expatglobalmedical.com and someone will get back within 24 hours to professionally guide you with advice before proceeding.

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For Expatriates living or looking to move abroad it can be difficult and a confusing process making the right choice for health care coverage. At World Wide Expatriate Association (WEA) we understand this. We know how the world works, especially, when it comes to international healthcare. Continuing a long legacy that began in 1965, WEA has today the pioneering spirit, a clear vision, and a commitment to meeting the needs of expatriates living abroad by providing quality international health insurance plans to individuals, families and groups with global healthcare needs. When it comes to protecting what matters most, you can count on us for your health and your family’s wellbeing.


  • An Investment Solutions Company has evolved into a Life, Health, and Investments company
  • PA Group/WEA Expatriate health expertise has been leveraged to now cover global citizens in over 195 countries through the PA Group Accident and Health Division
  • The Company has clients in more than 195 Countries that range from worldwide medical coverage to investment and retirement solutions
  • Premier Assurance Group has gained the distinction of becoming a Lloyd’s of London Coverholder
  • Premier Health Plan, reinsured 100% by Lloyd’s of London, is launched to the market with great success
  • Premier Health provides its clients with access to renowned Worldwide Networks such as United Healthcare® and AXA
  • PA Group/WEA provides its clients with access to renowned Worldwide Networks, UnitedHealthcare and AXA, which facilitate services in USA











So whether you are moving to Tokyo to teach for two years, relocating to Rio to work on the 2016 Summer Olympics or flying with your family to your new job in Frankfurt, WEA has an international health plan that is right for you.