Expat Private Medical Insurance in the Yucatan

“Expat Private Medical Insurance while residing or visiting the Yucatan”

By John McGee


Pulling up roots and taking the Plunge by moving to the beautiful Yucatan Peninsula seems to be a no brainer! What else would you want in paradise, but beautiful white sand & sun drenched beaches on both the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico, centuries of traditions & culture, kind hearted natives, an affordable standard of living and of course affordable healthcare.

The medical facilities in the Yucatan area are quite modern and have top quality technology and highly qualified physicians and surgeons. Merida, the capital and largest city in the Yucatan state has one of the most prestigious medical faculties in Mexico (UADY). Proximity to American cities like Houston allow local Doctors to cross-train and practice in both countries making Mérida one of the best cities in Mexico in terms of health services availability.

As an Expat you have choices that will meet your healthcare needs, starting with Local policies from private insurance companies like Allianze, New York Life, AXA and Metlife… all have a presence in Mexico and offer very good local and countrywide plans.

For those who want excellent coverage in Mexico and want the flexibility to be able to travel back to the United States for medical care,, you may require a quality Global Medical Plan that will allow freedom to choose any doctor or hospital in the world and when inside the USA, you have access to over 4,000 hospitals and 500,000 physicians and specialists. The Global plans like Lloyds of London, BUPA, Aetna International and Cigna Global also include Air Evacuation benefits that will transport you and your loved one to the closest facility that can perform a life-saving procedure, usually Miami or Houston will be the destinations from the Yucatan area.

If you are only traveling for a period of up to several months, a Travel Medical Plan would be a smart plan to purchase, these affordable plans cover you for the unforeseen accident or illness and they also include Air Evacuation coverage, usually back to the USA…especially from the Yucatan area.

Visiting the Yucatan is an enjoyable adventure in itself, secure a quality medical plan and take that burden away in case of a medical emergency and go enjoy paradise!

About the Author:  John McGee is a Global Medical Insurance Specialist, since 1992 his company has been insuring Expats all Over the Globe. His company website is www.expatglobalmedical.com and email at john@expatglobalmedical.com .