Global Medical Insurance Tip of the Month


Purchasing Global Medical Insurance is a research project in itself, however; when residing in the Western Hemisphere, U.S.A. medical coverage included in your policy coverage area is recommended. Why? Because if I were living in Quito, Ecuador and I became critically injured or ill…I would want to be taken to the USA for medical care.

Now that I determined I want to include U.S.A, coverage in my plan… I would do my research on the PPO (Preferred Provider Network), list of hospitals and doctors I would like to visit in case they are needed. The PPO Networks in the plans offers has more than 5,000 hospitals and 800,000 physicians and specialists’ in the States and some plans offer 8,000 plus hospitals internationally.

NOTE: Our plans offer complete FREEDOM to choose any doctor or hospital in the world, (including USA), however; if you choose to use the In–Network participants you can get reduced rates for services.

What are the benefits for staying inside the PPO Network when inside USA? Contracted facilities and doctors must accept the contracted rate agreed upon with the insurance company when they treat a member that belongs to their specific network:

Example: You have a $ 1,000 annual deductible for your medical plan…you choose to use an         In-Network facility to perform an X-Ray or some other type of scan in Miami, Florida…the total bill equals $ 1,000 USD, however; since the facility participates in the PPO Network, the contracted rate for that service would equal $500….this means you would have saved $ 500 USD. for this one procedure.

Also, with some plans, when you use a hospital outside the PPO network a co-insurance comes into play. That means, on top of your $ 1,000 annual deductible, you would be responsible for 20% of the next $ 5,000 USD of claims…that equals an additional $ 1,000 out of your pocket for any claim that exceeded $ 6,000 USD.

If you’re a little confused, just shoot me an e-mail and I’ll go over with you directly!