Select the Best Global Health Insurance Coverage

How to Select the Correct Global Health Insurance Coverage?

By: John W. McGee –


A Medical emergency can occur anywhere at any time, so it’s always wise to have a health insurance coverage secured. There are many health insurance policies in the  global health insurance market to choose from, all must be carefully reviewed which may make for a little confusion and tedious study. Expat Global Medical makes your options easier with their professional advisors and hands on customer service answering and explaining the differences to look for and the policies to avoid, thus making your research and purchasing decisions much less painful and time consuming!


Determine Your Health Care Needs

It’s important to determine your specific needs, (cover including USA, cover which includes Air Evacuation or is it an expensive rider, policy & benefit maximums, accumulative or per cause deductibles and so much more). Yes, medical policies are something that must be slowly reviewed as is the time you should take to determine the type of policy that would fit you and your family’s current situation. Make a list of your required minimum benefits, (area of cover, maternity, wellness benefits, hospitalization only, quality of company, ratings for financial strength and claims paying ability of company, an understand the exclusions). As we all are different and deal with different health problems, ensure that the minimums are covered of all the family members. It’s also necessary to assess the pre-existing conditions of yourself and the family members, whether someone needs certain medical specialists or medical institutions. Discuss the importance of the health insurance policy with the family members so that they can keep their list as short and precise as possible. Do the Research and Comparison

If you are getting a group insurance from the employer then options will be limited as per the company’s policy. But, if it is on personal level then one must begin to thoroughly research all individual policy benefits and companies. Go for a comparative shopping spree to track out the best available health policy offer, Expat Global Medical specializes in offering access to a variety of companies, more like a one stop shop…where you can get so much accomplished in a very short reviewable period of time.


There are two basic types of health insurance plans in the market; the Indemnity and the Managed Care Plans along with its variants. Study the two so that you can choose the most suitable policy. There are Hybrids that offer Global & USA Networks and also allow freedom of choice. Remember, the benefit of staying in the Network is negotiated contracted rates.


Compare the pricing and once you are confirmed about the policy, you can contact the insurance agent who is licensed to sell health insurance coverage. Research the insurance companies who can offer you quotes either through an agent or direct on line. Ensure to quote your wants but during the break up, it should be your needs that should be the priority in terms of cost.

Indemnity and Managed Care Plans In an Indemnity Plan, offers the freedom to choose how you will like to avail the medical assistance in terms of time, place, doctor and hospital facility. Although, it is a higher out of the pocket cost but the convenience of this policy makes it a fair trade off. The Managed Care Plans are part of the plan’s network which is more restrictive, and requires all to utilize the medical professionals and institutions in that network only. There is a need for pre-approval for medical services that are above the basic preventive care. The Managed Care Plans are lower on cost than Indemnity Plans because people who are healthy are not interested to know who provides the medical services and controls the medical costs.

The Right Company Matters Once, through with the research, look out for the right health insurance company. There are many insurance companies that offer health insurance from well known corporate giants to small independent outlets. It’s also nice to know about the state or federal agency that regulates the health insurance that you intend to purchase. Research must be thorough on these companies before you take your final leap because each health care plan has its advantages and disadvantages and so it’s important to choose a plan that will cater to your and your family’s needs.

John W. McGee –