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September 2016
9/11/2001…. 15 Years Later

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Hello to all my clients, prospects and friends, this is John McGee again and I hope you took a few minutes to view our website,

Here we are 15 years after the deadliest attack on U.S. soil and as throughout the short yet mighty history of these United States we prevailed again.

After 12 years of anticipation and 10,000 plus workers pouring there blood, sweat and tears into this beautiful 1776 foot tall structure, One World Trade Center, the largest skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere has been erected in place of the sacred ground that for so many years people fought over in controversy. This work of art represents to the world that our brothers and sisters, all 2,996 people who died and the 6,000 plus others injured didn’t parrish or suffer in vain, this structure represents how us as Americans can and will overcome adversity and come out stronger on the other side of it.

I remember this sad day as many may have remembered when JFK or Martin Luther King was shot and killed. I received a frantic phone call from my wife, who was on a business trip in Arizona, and she told me to turn on the television… what my stunned eyes saw, was one of our history’s most tragic events unfolding in front of my eyes, LIVE! One of the two trade centers were burning …my stomach was in my throat, my blood pressure was elevating and in a matter of moments my anger was raging, that surreal moment when most realized that the second plane crashed into the other tower intentionally and we were actually being attacked.

Point of Observation: That was the last time I remember this great but splintered Nation coming together as one. Everyone proudly hoisted American flags, not burned them… stood proudly for the American Anthem, not kneeled or turned their back, asked their neighbors if they needed any help, not chastise them for being a certain color and most importantly spewed vitral hatred because your beliefs didn’t line up with theirs.
I’ve observed this country in the last 15 years going down a path of moral decay, right is not right if you happen to hurt one person’s feelings, doing wrong is OK if it fulfills you and your groups objectives, tearing one down just so you feel you’re the taller one in the room.
I’m just saying, I miss the days when the United States of America stood for something greater than one’s self interest.

On A Ligher Note

International Living has invited our company to participate in their Fast Track Costa Rica Conference 2016 in San Jose from September 22nd-24th. I will also be one of the presenters on the topic “Protecting Your Dreams Through Expat Global Medical Insurance.” They are expecting over 500 people to attend, and I’m sure it will be another great event!

Zika Virus Snapshot Update


As of September 7, 2016 (5 am EST)
• Zika virus disease and Zika virus congenital infection are nationally notifiable conditions.
• This update from the CDC Arboviral Disease Branch includes provisional data reported to ArboNET for January 01, 2015 – September 7, 2016.
US States
• Locally acquired mosquito-borne cases reported: 43
• Travel-associated cases reported: 2,920
• Laboratory acquired cases reported: 1
• Total: 2,964
o Sexually transmitted: 24
o Guillain-Barré syndrome: 7


• Locally acquired cases reported: 15,809
• Travel-associated cases reported: 60
• Total: 15,869*

We Love Costa Rica ( has been our partner for several years. Scott Oliver will be retiring and I want to wish him all the best!

You Never Need it until You Need it and When You Need it You Can’t Get It!

GREAT TIPS: Before deciding on a departure date when becoming an Expat, make sure to get your physical state into shape.

+Go to Facebook and look to see if the city has a society page.
+Go to Google and type in U.S. or Canadian Expat Societies in San Jose, CR
+The PARTIAL list of over 50+ in the Tico Times online are (Wine Club, Lions Club, Cigar Club, Christians Woman’s Club, VFW, Bird Club of CR). All come with contact numbers and some emails… reach out and begin a dialog and ask some people questions about where to go and where to avoid, where to eat and live and what neighborhoods to stay away from. I promise you, you will hit the ground running and have 50 new friends before you touch down in Costa Rica.
+Have the mindset that Medical Insurance is a protection against catastrophic issues.
+Get a broker that is well versed and is always available after purchasing the policy.



I’m a little partial on recommending this NEW BOOK. My accomplished and awesome wife, Dawn, in her own industry, is a Rock Star in the areas of Human Resource Management, Leadership development, Coaching, Team Building and Organizational Development.

This is an AWESOME life changing Guide for your young daughters or granddaughters!

Since the age of 16, Dawn was McDonalds Corporation’s youngest participant in their national management training program; at age 20, she led a team of seniors attending Northern Illinois University who were invited to Egypt to assist in developing and implementing the software for the then weights and measures program for the Suez Canal. Before going out on her own, Dawn again excelled as a Fortune 15 company executive responsible for recruiting, developing and managing over 8,000 employees and responsible for the company’s top producing region with over $3,000,000,000 in annual sales.

Believe me…she is the Real Deal… and the one that your young daughters and granddaughters should look to emulate and here’s in her own words the step by step guide to success!

The Young Woman’s Guide to Success: “Coloring Your Canvas of Life” Paperback – September 11, 2016
by Dawn Marie McGee (Author)

A must have book for girls of every age – geared toward teenagers & women!

How do I achieve my goals? What is success? What if I fail?
The Young Woman’s Guide to Success “Coloring Your Canvas of Life” is an interactive book designed to help young girls and women navigate their life and answers those questions. This easy to read and apply road map is filled with positive steps to achieve personal goals and dreams, while maintaining a happy, balanced, and fulfilled life.

The author shares from past experiences while working her way up to an executive position in a Fortune 15 company and her many years of coaching and developing individuals to achieve their goals and desires.

This unique book is meant to be a guide that can be used throughout your life. It’s an easy read peppered with inspirational quotes, journal pages for self-reflection, daily positive affirmations, goal setting worksheets, and artwork to color for relaxation and stress relief.
Discover how to live your best life:
• Live Up to Your Potential – Be the Best You Can Be
• Build Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem
• Relationship Building
• Be the Champion of your Life
• Achieve your Goals – Getting from Point A to Z
• Create a Mind-Set of Positive Thinking
• 7 Ways to Wake Up Organized & Stress Free

This engaging and inspiring book will make a wonderful gift for a girl of just about any age. It is a well written book that assists the reader along their journey of life, helping them realize, they have control over their journey and can choose to paint their canvas however they desire.

Let’s change the world one person at a time by embracing your journey while enjoying the ride of your life!

Order Several Copies Today:


“5 Key Steps to take that can save your life and save your wealth”

Understanding how to benefit and take advantage of International medical plan benefits for your Expat policy is of utmost importance to your survival and the cash in your pocket.

• Become Familiar with Hospitals that may participate inside the NETWORK. These facilities benefit the insured in ways of cost savings because they are contracted to accept a negotiated rate. Example: A patient walks into a Private Hospital in Panama, (Punta Pacifica/Johns Hopkins – Panama City), which happens to be in this specific NETWORK, the client has a broken arm. Because the hospital is obligated to accept the negotiated rate, the cost to the insured is $300 USD. If the client doesn’t have an insurance company that has negotiated rates, that broken are could be billed from the hospital to the insurance company at $2,000 USD.
• Precertification is a very important part where the insured MUST BE PROACTIVE! Precertification is a process and is required when a person knows in advance that a procedure, test or surgery needs to take place in the near future (MRI, CAT Scan, any surgery that’s not emergency). This can cause the insured to experience up to a 50% penalty for not informing the insurance company and broker in advance of an upcoming surgery.
• Wellness Benefit is a great addition to most of our International Medical Insurance policies. After 12 months on the policy, each person can get up to $500 reimbursement per year toward Mammograms, Pap smears, Prostate exams, and annual physicals without having to reach your annual deductible. Example: during the second policy year a woman goes to get a mammogram and the cost is $450 USD. In Mexico… the patient will pay the entire amount and keep the PAID receipt…scan it with a Claims Form and email it to the insurance company – they will send you a check for $ 50 USD without you having to reach your annual deductible.
• Taking a Higher Deductible allows you to control your costs. Less than 10% of all my clients ever reach a $1,000 annual deductible, so 9 out of 10 clients don’t reach a $1,000 deductible during any given year…so why take lower deductibles and allow the insurance company to keep the excess premium? Example: The annual premium for a 60 year-old female American expatriate medical plan with a $500 annual deductible including coverage inside the USA would cost $3,786 annually, while the cost of the same plan with a $1,000 deductible would cost $3,011. So why would I give the insurance company $765 USD when the difference of a $550 and $1,000 deductible is only $500 USD? Even if you happened to be the 10% that reached the $1,000 annual deductible, you’re still paying $265 USD more than the difference….So the $1,000 Deductible is always the best way to go, and if you don’t reach that deductible, you keep the money in your pocket.
• The Misconception that Local Private or National plans protect you outside the country can break your bank in a heartbeat! Many of my clients like to travel to different parts of the world at different times; this means that medical costs in Western Europe for hospital emergencies far exceed getting in an accident in Guatemala. Example: Metlife of Mexico is a very good company for individuals that seldom leave the country and travel abroad; most private Mexican companies do have exclusions for the first 2 years for things like heart attacks or cancers…so right off the bat you have to sweat for 2 years. Those who have these Private policies may be able to attain a rider or additional $100,000 USD benefit for when they travel outside of the country; however, in America, Western Europe, Middle East and parts of Asia, this amount is insufficient for a major accident or illness. The National plans that I like to compare to Medicaid, but worse, (it does depend on what part of the country you reside), private physicians do practice at these facilities, but the real problem is the technology and hospital itself are very old and run down. Put it this way, I wouldn’t want to have a quadruple open heart surgery in one of these facilities. For this reason, I’m passionate and a FIRM Believer in Private Expatriate Medical Insurance!


If you’re a little confused, just shoot me an e-mail and I’ll go over with you directly!


What types of companies does represent?


A. We ONLY represent A (Excellent) rated companies and higher, including:

Lloyds of London
Aetna International
United Healthcare Global
International Medical Group
Sun Life Financial
William Russell

…just to name a few

Check Out some of our testimonials:




Lebanon is a small country at the Eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The Nature of Lebanon being distinguished from the mostly desert-countries surrounding it, along with the impact of the civilizations that inhabited Lebanon through thousands of years reached its peak in the second half of the 20th century, when Lebanon enjoyed prosperity, a free economy and the title of “Most Civilized and Democratic” country of the region.

However, this did not last very long. The major Arab-Israeli conflict has found in Lebanon a landing on which to move the fight. Syrian, Palestinian and Israeli forces overtook the Lebanese territory moving their fight, since the 1970’s to the neutral country, too small to defend herself. Arms and funding were being funneled into Lebanon while several countries, Syria, Iran, Israel, Lybia and Palestinians were sponsoring guerillas trying to take place in a battle that is not on their own land. Great destruction and hundreds of thousands of casualties (mostly Lebanese civilians) transpired in Lebanon . All the while, relatively minor events were going on in the neighboring countries: Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Israel and the Palestinian territories. The UN Security Council issued several resolutions regarding Lebanon which were issued, but most of them were never enforced.

Lebanon Now:
1.The Syrian army withdrew its troops from Lebanon late April 2005 after 30 years of occupation. The Syrian forces in Lebanon were estiamted to include 30,000 troops and about 20,000 intelligence agents (that is equivalent to sending 4 million troops to occupy the US). Syria detains hundreds of Lebanese in its prisons without charges.
2.Palestinians -There are approximately 400,000+ ungoverned Palestinians still living in camps in Lebanon and harboring armed guerrillas without any regard for the Lebanese people or country (This is equivalent to placing 50 million refugees in the United States at one time).
3.Israeli troops withdrew from the south of Lebanon on May, 2000, which they had occupied for 22 years. Israel holds a Lebanese man in an Israeli prison without charges. In July-August 2006, Israel launched an attack on Lebanon leaving over 1200 in casualties. The aggression was ended with a resolution from the UN in August 2006.
4.The Lebanese people were forced to leave their country due to economical disaster caused by the political crisis and Syrian illegal labor-force in Lebanon until May 2005. Approximately 35% of the Lebanese population left the country ever since 1990, when Syrian troops completely captured the capital Beirut.

Lebanon, the country that used to be called the “Switzerland of the East,” now experiences a damaged Economy while trying to reform its Syrian-modeled totalitarian regime, and to restore its records in human rights that were violated under Syrian control. Also, the country is trying to recover from the Israeli attack of 2006.


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