The Best Insurance Plan in USA for Visiting Expats

The Best Insurance Plan in USA for Visiting Expatriates

By John McGee –

Traveling to the USA and acquiring permanent medical insurance coverage can be difficult. can assist all foreign nationals entering the United States for a permanent or temporary period of time with quality medical insurance coverage.

Acquiring a temporary travel medical insurance policy is not that difficult, it’s when a non-US citizen wants to spend 12 or more months inside the USA, whether it’s for business, pleasure, obtaining permanent residency or for a long term educational stay. assists in offering permanent plans for several years or until the individual or family can qualify for a US/domestic plan like Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Health Care, Aetna, etc.

U.S. domestic plans require a non-US citizen to at least obtain a Green card status before applying for a US individual policy, a group or corporate policy would be easier for the non-US citizen to obtain coverage, however; what happens if that person is not associated with a large corporation? They are out of luck and this is where can assist them until the time is right for them to transfer to a U.S. qualified plan. will guide all their clients throughout the entire process until the status of person or family is legitimate.

Let’s look at an example quote:

Family of 4: Age 40, 38 and 2 children age 9 & 6:

Plan:                               International Medical Group

Annual Deductibles:       $ 500        $ 1,000       $ 2,500  

Annual Premiums:         $ 3,524     $ 2,718       $ 2,394

You can set up payment modes as annual, semi-annual, quarterly and monthly. These plans will cover you and your family globally, so when you go back to your country of citizenship to visit, you all are covered!

Benefits Include: Hospitalization, surgeries, organ transplants, freedom to choose any doctor or hospital, (you can save on the coinsurance if you use one of the 4,000 US hospital facilities and 500,000 physicians and specialists), oncology, air evacuation, and so many more benefits.

Feel secure when inside the USA and abroad, go to or contact them at and they will send you a customized medical insurance proposal within 24 hours, while their customer service will answer any questions or concerns you may have, until you feel confident you are purchasing the correct medical coverage while enjoying your stay in the United States, Guaranteed!